Thread: Help me remember this Movie!!!!!!!

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    Okay I think Dickinson lake starred in this movie. It possibly was a tv movie that came out in the 80s or 90s. She was a fat girl living in an apartment by herself and her family wanted her to visit for the holidays. She often watched this cute guy from her apartment Window and dreamed that she could be with him. She spied on him alot and he had a girlfriend. One day she gets him to go with her to meet her family and pretend that they are a couple. At the end of the movie he falls in love with her. I looked on imdb and could not find this movie at all. Please, if you know the name of this movie let me know thank you.
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      Maybe this tv movie starring
      Ricki Lake,...

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        OMG Thank You SOOO MUCH!!! And Happy New Year!!!
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