Thread: Do you ever wonder why religion feels so uneasy?

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    I'm not sure what i'd be considered. Possibly Agnostic I guess. I'm not Atheist and i'm open to anything POSSIBLY being true, but I don't FULLY believe in anything. I have a hard time swallowing it all, but I have to tell you..when horrific events like 9/11 and these random shootings happen, I really really wish for it all to be true. I mean it's very hard to stomach, thinking about these poor school children just dead and gone, no longer exhisting. I'd much rather picture them in heaven.
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      Yea I don't really get what you're saying either so I'll give my general take on the whole Christian and Bible thing.

      Like our constitution people try and pick apart every word of Bible. The Bible (written by man and changed throughout time) is all left up to interpretation. Some people try and live their lives by the letter of the bible. This of course can be very harmful in so many ways. The Bible was written for the time period in which it was written. Jesus brought new rules and new philosophies. His teachings (the New Testament) cancelled out much of the Old Testaments teachings. The reason why Jesus was so hated and ultimately killed was because he went against the establishment and was seen as a threat.

      Christians should follow the New Testament first and the Old Testament second. If a topic isn't covered in the New Testament then you reference the Old Testament. Many of the laws and rules in the Old Testament no longer apply and were intended for the people of that time. Much of what Christians are criticized for is in the Old Testament and is not what being a true Christians is about. If you're reading the Bible for the first time you should read the New Testament first and the Old second.

      People continue to use modern logic to dictate how Christians should think and behave. Just because it isn't in the Bible doesn't mean you can or can't do something. You have to read between the lines and use common logic. For example the Bible tells us not to be drunks, but doesn't say we can't drink. Likewise Opiate pain killers are not covered in the bible because they were not invented, but abusing them can impair us like drinking. They can also harm our bodies and my be seen as lust. This of course is one example, but my bigger point is the bible is intended to be use as a reference guide in life. Church is supposed to interpret the Bible and how we should live in the modern world.

      I personally still have my doubts about everything. I'm pretty much an agnostic that follows Judeo Christian philosophies. I want to believe, but so much doesn't add up.
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        Great response. Couldn't have said it better.

        Everyone has doubts about what they believe. That is only human. For me personally, I could have the weight of all the evil in the world placed upon my shoulders to the point that I feel like my faith will break. Then I am forced to remember a miracle in my own life that defies explanation, and I am set right. Nothing is more powerful than personal experience. No interpreted evidence, no pseudo-intellectual blather... nothing can ever break it.
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