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    A friend of mine posted this video on facebook and it inspired me to ask you fellow retrojunkies, What do you think of people who talk this way? and do you think too many people from this particular generation are becoming like this?

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      Funny thing at first I was like this however at that time I didn't do that much research so I've pretty much put it upon myself to study the decade and our generation and how they act towards that decade. To be honest they are both right and wrong. We may have had better written shows and were able to get away with alot more. The newer generation has the bigger tech advantage then us. Though they lack an appropriation of said technology then us. Also even though they didn't live in the 90's doesn't mean we can't expose them to it.
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        NARH, thanks for the video link, I needed a good laugh. That's some funny stuff ya got there.

        Now I know guys who talk like that are a pain, but inside I know that kids who missed out on the 90's have the rest of their lives to discover the past for themselves.

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