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    I know in previous posts on the forum I made mention that I don't "care" about the articles I write. (well actually, I never exactly said that)

    But anyway, I do care and I do put time into making them. I wouldn't submit articles if I didn't.

    Not sure if this is contributing to my articles not being approved.

    Anyway, I have a few articles I'm thinking about writing. But if they aren't going to be published I won't bother.
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      Not necessarily. I have seen a lot of threads of people asking, "where's my article?" over the years. Sometimes it just takes a while before they get posted, either many articles got submitted lately, or Vertex is too busy at the moment, etc.
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        Well I'm okay with that. Didn't know if I offended the mods or something. I'm particularly proud of my next few articles.
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