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    "Just Imagine" is a light-hearted 1930 film forecasting the year 1980.

    An ordinary man from the year 1930 is medically revived by a scientist in the year 1980. The wonders of 1980 are revealed as 1930's man follows the ups and downs of romance in the 1980's.

    The opening scene of 1980's New York skyway traffic, (mostly flying car-like, helium-filled, dirigible hover planes), is quite nicely done as 30's special effects. I like the idea of hover planes with engine trouble floating to a repair shop.

    Since "Just Imagine" is just for fun, the movie is easy to watch, not an over-the-top epic taking itself too seriously. While this is not a holiday movie "Just Imagine" is still a lot of fun.

    Just Imagine (full movie)...

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