Thread: Hair Washing in the Swimming Baths

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    Does anyone have any specific memories of this?
    All public swimming baths have showers where people can wash their hair.
    I remember on one occasion there were a couple of children having their hair washed by one of the attendants in the old swimming baths near me which closed down (they may have been her own).
    A little girl stood on a step at the side of the showers having it done, with her hair in the most fantastic lather, & the attendant put shampoo suds on a man's nose for a laugh.
    Then a girl of about ten came, stood on the step & put her head forward as though she was having it done in the hairdressers.
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      Someone should probably report you. This is beyond creepy. Normally I'd just ignore posts like yours, especially on a site like this. But you seem to only remember things that have little kids showering. I'd advise you never post again.
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        Is this anything to do with little kids showering?
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          Maybe not little kids, but still linked to showering.
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