Thread: 8 ball Watch / Looney Tunes Yogurt / Frozen Yogurt

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    Three things i'd fondly like to find images/info of. Help!! Been unsuccessful so far.

    8 BALL / FORTUNE / Mood Watch
    -Possibly By Timex/Casio
    -Has a kidney shaped screen
    -Two buttons below
    -Says yes/no/maybe
    was made in the 90s - - can't find any info!

    -I remember the pink flavour had flecks in it
    -was aval in stores in the 90s
    -no info online

    'FROGHURTS' 'FROGURTS' Frozen Yogurt
    -Came in a white, plastic quart tub
    -Had 'paint' style illustrations of a chunk of chocolate, fruits etc
    -No info online

    if you guys have any info on this it would be great..
    trying to jog my memory & have more stuff to post on my 90sfood tumblr. thanks guys!!

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