Thread: Pokemon Snap Kiosk sticker printing machine

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    does anybody know anything about these machines? there's only 4500 of them in the US and supposedly they are rare.
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      I remember these I loved playing with them whenever I went to a Blockbuster. They were fun as a kid and probably still would be fun to use.
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        Wish i had one
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          I remember I used one at a Blockbuster near me when I was about 13. I tried to win that contest where you could win $5,000 and a trip to Australia. I got the perfect Mew picture worth 10,000 pts and was tied with a ton of other kids. Didn't win anything. It sucked.
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            I worked at an old Blockbuster in my town in 2005-6, and they had one of these in the basement collecting dust. (yeah, there was a basement in the Blockbuster)

            Not sure what happened to it, but I wish I would have claimed it.
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