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    Finally figured out what my vacuum ad was. Now to find the ad. If anyone remembers this ad, it was for Regina Vacuums but it spoofed the old Folgers ad. "We've replaced the coffee in this fine restaurant with ground up sand and clamshells, let's see what happens."

    Nobody else remembers it but I was confirmed in my memory by looking online tonight and finding an article referencing said ad. Now to find the ad.
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      I am looking for the ad/ video of the commercial too. I remember a waiter come in and vacuum up the clamshells and sand. My father in-law Patrick, was was the guy vacuuming. I remember thinking at the time it was very, very funny. 2 years later I met a gal in NYC in 1989 who I later married. I learned it was her dad in the commercial vacuuming! Patrick was a part-time character actor; more of a hobby that he enjoyed. He was a full-time electrician for Eastern Airlines
      Patrick is 90yrs old now and I would love to show it to him.
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