Thread: American Tail and Little Shop of Horrors

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    Since both were released 26 years ago in November, who else remembers seeing these 2 movies on the big screen as a kid? i did when i was 4 about 3 times on each one when i lived in St. Louis and i had some merchandise like LSOH cards, talking Fievel doll, Mcdonalds story books of AT, coloring books of AT, LSOH magazine, Audrey II bank, AT PJs and a couple of AT shirts.
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      -The first time I've watched Little Shop of Horrors was back in Spring Break Weekend 2001 when my family was vacationing in Savannah,GA.I watched it again last year and thought it was fun.

      -I've think I saw the ending when it was on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater back in sometime between 2001-2003. I might try to watch that soon.
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