Thread: A documentary on samurai warriors on the History Channel

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    Besides cartoons (such as Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack) as well as dinosaurs and James Cameron's AVATAR, I am also interested in Far East Asian cultures, especially that of Japan, not just because of the people that dwelt in the Far East in Asia, and not just because of the martial arts and Japanese samurai swordplay and stuff, it's mainly because of the serenity of it, and the music of the far east Asian cultures, among other things.

    But consider the most famous aspect of Japanese culture--and my favorite type of warrior: The Samurai of Japan.

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    You see, back in 2003, The History Channel used to air a 90-minute documentary on these so-called "knights of Medieval Japan", the aforementioned Samurai warriors.

    I grew up with that History Channel Documentary on The Samurai, and in addition, I used to watch that on Military History Channel on the living room TV while my dad was asleep on the couch.

    And so, if you ever see any program on the History channel past and present, have you ever see this documentary or have you not?

    And have any of you happen to own the History Channel documentary, The Samurai on DVD or have you not?
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      You need to start posting in threads instead of making them.
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        I vaguely remember the show--it was way back when the History Channel actually focused on history. I read James Clavell's SHOGUN in the early '90s and it really got me interested in Japanese history.
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