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    What do you think is a better art form? I go with film, the original movie art form. I wrote a letter to Cinemark movie theater chains as a sort of complaint against transitioning to all digital. It's so very sad. I have 16mm prints of a few things and a Kodak film projector. What good for nostalgic people will there be if film is taken from cinema?
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      Digital can be used to preserve things from film but digital still has some bugs. The biggest one is the phenomenon known as 'tiling' that occurs when a digital TV signal is disrupted or also happens on DVDs that have scratches on them. Even though digital is the future medium, it still needs work before it can become the only option available.
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        Your local theatre probably did not have much of a choice in the matter as most movies released nowadays are in the digital format. For most cinemas the choice is either update equipment or close. There's been a few theaters around my hometown that have had fundraisers to update equipment because they would not be able to continue to show any movies in the future when film is phased out.
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          From an "art" perspective, film would certainly win. From a quality, functionality, or practicallity perspective though, digital comes out on top.
          In some ways, video has trumped film, even before the digital wave. Film is stuck at 24fps (technically it can be faster, but that costs a massive fortune to shoot, and then the theaters have to adjust their projectors, perhaps even get new ones). Video meanwhile can easily shoot at 50~60fps or significantly more, without costing an arm & a leg to film.
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            My vote goes to digital. They are almost to the point where they can simulate the warmth of film while delivering a much higher quality picture.
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