Thread: Books from certain authors that you own?

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    • 5 years 19 days ago
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    I know we all should have favorite authors that you would collect their books and read them, so which ones do you have the most of?

    I have:

    1. All of Micheal Crichton's books

    2. 7 John Grisham books

    3. 33. Stephen King books

    4. All of Douglas Adams books

    5. 7 of Ray Bradbury's books

    6. 3 Peter Straub books

    7. 15 of Christopher Pike's books

    8. 4 of H.G Well's books

    9. 2 of Anthony Burgess's books.
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      • 5 years 19 days ago
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      I rarely buy books, just because I'm blessed with a superb library. I see James Patterson books at garage sales all the time though.
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        • 5 years 18 days ago
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        I probably have more of Philip K Dick than any other author.
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          • 5 years 15 days ago
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          Not counting comics/graphic novels, I have at least two of this:

          Hunter S. Thompson
          Franz Kafka
          Edgar Alan Poe
          H.P Lovecraft
          Bruno Schulz
          Herman Hesse
          Stephen King
          C.S. Lewis
          J.R.R Tolkien
          Michio Kaku
          Brian Greene
          Ray Bradbury
          Chuck Palahniuk
          Jonathan Swift
          Lewis Carroll
          Carl Sagan
          Bill Watterson
          Neil Gaiman

          ..and so forth.
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            • 5 years 14 days ago
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            Quote by stake
            I probably have more of Philip K Dick than any other author.

            Same here! Which one is your favorite?

            I kind of like Galactic Pot Healer with Ubik and the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch in a close second
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