Thread: Halloween III's anthology plan for the franchise

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    Since there's a 30th anniversary special edition blu-ray out which i bought of this misunderstood cult fave.

    You see folks, Michael was meant to be DEAD after part 2 as Carpenter hated writing Halloween 2 as he had Laurie shoot both Mike's eyes out with a gun and have Loomis commit suicide by blowing himself with Michael up in the hospital as Michael was burning to ashes. He was cooked in his shoes, his mask was melted to his skull, he was a cinder and that his body/bones had to be removed by a chimney sweep, LOL, and Laurie lived happily ever after as Carpenter and Hill wanted Michel to be terminated forever with his story over.

    Carpenter and Hill always had the intention to make the franchise into a Halloween themed horror anthology in the first place but had to do H2 to stop Michael's story and do the idea for 3. They wanted to transform the franchise into a big screen Halloween themed anthology of different Halloween themed horror stories every year about horrors that go on in the title holiday like Grindhouse, Tales from The Crypt, Twilight Zone, Are You Afraid of the Dark or other horror anthologies.

    Unfortunately they didn't tell the public except in Fangoria this idea, i wish they told everyone on TV even on Talkshows about this plan for the franchise including that Michael is permantaly toasted and this will be a Twilight Zone style anthology. The audience was confused when this came out and it bombed with the idea dead.

    Who'd love to had seen this franchis become a Halloween themed anthology and that Michael should had stayed dead/toasted after part 2?
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      I like the idea. But I don't think it would be successful even if they told before it came out. Grindhouse was only one double feature (there must be a reason they didn't make another) and the others you mention are TV shows.
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