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    I'm looking for a cartoon that was used to be shown on the belgium channel called ketnet. I think it's either an Canadian production or French. The setting is something of an noir-ish style ca. 1930s-1940s, with a detective and his sidekick. One episode had him travel to loch ness, and they found out that the loch ness monster sightings where actually Viking boats who came up to the surface after a gas bubble forces them up.

    The main character has a beige mac raincoat and black hair while his sidekick was blond i believe? There was a returning antagonist who had a robotic-like hand (could be steampunk style)...

    The feeling is a bit similar to 90s Johnny Quest, there's mysteries and such and people die, pretty dark and grim for a children cartoon.

    Anyone have a clue what Im talking about?
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      Bob Morane 98


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        Nope not it, i think production value wise it's got to be the end of the the 90s. A closer feel to Johnny Quest.

        EDIT: Oh shit found it myself it's called Carland Cross:
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          Wow, I love learning about cartoons that never aired in the USA. Carland Cross looks like an interesting take on the paranormal mystery genre.
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