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    LOL nothing's just that i'm noticing that I no longer have the attention span or interest to sit down and watch the movies I used to be able to sit and watch over and over again withought getting bored. I tried to watch The Worst Witch the last two years on youtube, as it's my favorite Halloween movie of all time. However, I noticed that after a few minutes, i'd get to doing other things around the house, and until the "Anything can happen on Halloween" part, the movie would become just background noise for me while I busied myself with other things. Then after that part was over, i'd get back to what I was doing and before I knew it, the movie was over. I've noticed it with Secret Of The Sword as well. I don't know if I just don't enjoy them as much as I used to, or it's just that i'm an adult now and have seen it so many times in my life time that I just don't have it in me to sit down and enjoy it anymore. Makes me kind of sad. I noticed the same thing with Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas. It, along with A Muppet Family Christmas were my favorites. These days I just can't sit and pay attention.
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      Are you losing your attention span to just nostalgic favorites, or all entertainment in general? If it's just the old stuff, that's understandable. I have the complete series to multiple childhood favorites (Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Tick, etc) and have literally watched about 5 episodes total in the 6+ months I've had them.
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        V-man has a good point. What you're experiencing happens when you re-watch favorite shows, especially the stuff you liked as a kid. When you try to watch "The Worst Witch", it reaffirms your memorized version, so you drift off to other things.

        Now instead of taking in the overall movie, you can concentrate on favorite scenes or bits of dialogue.
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          I can't get away from my computer during a movie and will end up finding something more interesting on youtube. Some say the internet is causing us all to have ADD.
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            I have definitely noticed this, even with new things I'm watching. It's not that I have ADD, I just have this need to be more productive with my TV watching. I will check my e-mails or clip coupons while it's on. Even if I'm on top of everything (which is rare) I may get sleepy just focusing on what I'm watching. Or hungry. For me it's not necessarily a bad thing. I don't miss important things too often.
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              It's a combination of both. I've had the same thing happen to me. I honestly find many of the shows I watched as a kid pretty much unwatchable nowadays. Some of it is I've seen them so many times they've lost their luster and the other part is I'm a grown man looking at it through the eyes of a grown man, not a 10 year old kid and think to myself "my god this is stupid."

              Another thing is well you gain an ability to read between the lines and realize that sometimes the good guys weren't always all that good and sometimes the bad guy may have actually had a point. Like for example maybe you've been on the receiving end of the class clowns pranks and don't find them funny anymore. Maybe when you were the parent or babysitter you realize the big meanie pooh head babysitter sometimes had to be the big meanie pooh head to keep kids from getting hurt. Maybe by now you've met somebody like Ferris Bueller in real life and came away from it realizing what a manipulative, sociopathic user somebody like that really is.

              The point is we've changed. Our tastes have changed and the opinions and points of view we held as kids aren't necessarily the same ones we have now.
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                I totally forgot I posted this.

                Good point everyone! I guess now that I Think on it, it's not JUST the old things. I'll put on some crime shows from the ID channel from netflix on to watch and all of a sudden it's just background noise while I clean.

                Something else, in regards to reading between the lines and realizing the good guys weren't always right..this is SO silly but these days, after having actually had a JOB LOL when I think of that episode of the Torkelsons where Mrs Torkelson turns in her "washer and dryer" (rope and an old fashioned wash tub scrubber or something) to try and get a brand new one, the sales lady had every right to be like ummm your joking, right? True, she was a bit of a bitch about it towards the end, but really, in all reality, if you work in retail are you going to let someone try and pull one over on you like that? of course not. Mrs Torkelson was wrong to try and do that, she KNEW what they meant LOL she was just trying to get something for nothing. So other than the fact that the woman didn't have to be like "I think you should leave before you embarass yourself", the woman didn't do anything wrong.
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