Thread: Trying to remember a lighthouse ghost story. (HELP)

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    OK folks, I hod no idea where to put this so...

    Here is the thing i'm trying to remember a story and what it came from. I will tell you all I can remember.
    Please forgive my crappy writing... just trying to get it out.

    The main character is the son of an older man who lived in a lighthouse. The son arrives and the makeshift living room Might have been a blue tint to the room) is a mess with old dishes all over the place. There is an awkward bit about the condition the father lives in. The father offers him tea/coffee the son wonders what he will serve it in. there is something about an I.D. and possibly some medallion, necklace, or compass the son has (might have been inscribed). The father and son's relationship is strained.

    Something happened to the father like he was a part of a ship that had some treasure or cursed artifact. The father and some others that where on the ship where cursed to be undead (not sure) and the father was the last and either asked his son there to help set him free or to lure him there for ill (forced to be keeper of the lighthouse?) There was a door in the bottom of the lighthouse that had the others that where cursed in it the undead sailors came out and they attacked the son not sure what happened.

    Here is the hemorrhoid of the situation, I don't know if this was a movie, TV show, book, poem, or video game. (I know that helps right) I want to say it was a visual medium either that or the writer was really good at describing things.

    I know it's not a lot to go on but I figured that someone on here might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help.
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