Thread: Remember a TV short where a chicken chases kids around town?

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    • 5 years 6 months ago
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    I'm positive this exists, but I've yet to find someone who remembers it!

    Seeing as I can't remember it I must have been really young, so it's either from the 90s or the very early 2000s. Additionally I think it was a short on Nickelodeon or Nick Jr., but it was pretty terrifying to be playing during Nick Jr. hours if you ask me!

    All I remember is that there was a chicken (presumably a grown man in a chicken costume, just so you can envision it better) chasing 2 or 3 young kids. They ran through a playground and through the streets of an urban-looking area; at some point they're in what looks like Chinatown, and in the window of a Chinese restaurant there are the whole roasted chickens hanging in the window display, although I can't remember if that takes place in the beginning of the short or at the end of it.

    Someone please tell me they know exactly what I'm talking about, because I've been trying to remember it for years. It was pretty haunting considering I'm still obsessed with it.
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      It was called Thanksgiving. It was a short on Nickeldeon, in the late 1990's.
        • 7 months 29 days ago
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        "Attack of the Giant Vulture!"
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          I thought, it was called Thanksgiving too because I thought that the vulture, was a turkey maybe because of the ending.

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            It was indeed the giant vulture. That short made me die laughing when I first saw it, back in 1997.
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