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    • 5 years 20 days ago
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    Remember this cruddy film? i liked the first movie and i rented this on video when i was 10 thinking it would be a sequel to the first movie but it turned out to be a crappy film that grew on me as it's so bad it's good. It's even got a cult following.
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      • 5 years 20 days ago
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      Seems like all bad horror movies have a cult following.
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          I saw this a few yrs ago, not realizing that they ever made a sequel to the original. It completely sucked... even for a B horror movie! Some of the worst acting I ever saw in my life.
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            believe it or not there is actually a documentry about troll 2 called best worst movie, its basically about how troll 2 is widely considered the worst movie ever and as such now has a cult following. heres the doc's website;


            and the IMDB page;

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              • 5 years 10 days ago
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              I LOVED this horrible movie
              Not as good as the first of course, but It grew on me. It's currently on Netflix streaming
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