Thread: The Jetsons turn 50

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    From somebody who loves almost everything that HB made in the 60s-70s,I was never a huge fan of The Jetsons. Always prefered the Roman Holidays.

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      The Jetsons are 50 8)8)8)8)
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        Quote by eddstarr88
        From what I've been able to learn from the Paleofuture blog, Rosie the robot wasn't used much as the focus of the show moved to George at work during the never ending battle between Spacely Sprockets vs. Cogswell Cogs.

        At home, family situations ruled. The robots, Rosie and Max, seemed to disappear.

        Darn. Why them?

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          One of my favorite Hanna Barbera cartoons as a kid!!! Happy 50th, Jetsons!!!
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            It's amazing how a series with only 24 original episodes made such an impact on every generation thereafter. While The Jetsons used the future as a gag hook the show has an tangible charm that I've found hard to resist.

            H-B became quite the cartoon factory, ready to try any number of ideas just in case it catches on with the public. "The Roman Holidays" (1971 maybe?) reminds me of "Where's Huddles?" from 1970. The draw style and storylines are similar. There was a consistency in the H-B product starting with "Scooby-Doo" from 1969.
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