Thread: Looking for name of a cartoon about a "blue whale"

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    A friend of mine asked me if I knew the name of a cartoon and, once again, I had one of those flashbacks where I got barely any detail of what I'm looking, yet still intend that someone guess what cartoon it is. And you are both my only and last hope. Here I go:

    * I saw the cartoon dubbed in spanish during mid 90' in a children TV channel named Cablin, in Argentina. Considering that it usually took one or two years from original emission to reach here dubbed, chances are that the cartoon was from early 90'

    * The opening song of the spanish dub mentioned at least once "my blue whale", and a woman sung it. I don't know if this applies to the original version.

    * I recall that the animation was quite detailed compared to others cartoons I saw at that time. I recall that water appeared real or "3D like".

    * I barely recall anything about the storyline, but main characters consisted of a male and female childs and the villain was a sort of undead pirate that I usually associate with LeChuck from Monkey Island. I think the children had a compass-like amulet. Possibily the children were poor orphans. I recall they travelled in ships, don't know if they had a fixed "homebase" in one. The tone of the series was overally dark, and my friend mentionted that the children mission was to protect the blue whale from whalers that wanted to kill it with harpoons to get its oil. However, the cartoon that I recall and the one that my friend is talking about could be two completely different series.

    You got every last bit of info I could get.
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      The Legend of the North Wind (92)
      a.k.a. La leyenda del viento del Norte

      -view tv series intro-

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        Quote by Straydog

        The Legend of the North Wind

        view intro (French)

        You nailed it with The Jungle Patrol and you did again now. You are officially my new deity.
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