Thread: 80's cartoon boy turns into bat or insect monster

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    Ok, I've been trying for years now to find info online about a cartoon I remember from the 80's about a teen school boy who turns into a bat/ insect creature. A search of these forums didn't yield any results.

    I remember a scene where the boy is at high school wearing a HS letter jacket. He stumbles out of the back doors of the school into an alleyway and he is clearly in pain. Something is happening to his body. He kneels on the ground and bat/insect wings grow out of his back and rip through the back of his jacket. His face then morphs into a bat/ insect creature with dark bulbous eyes and fangs, and his hands morph into bat/insect claws. He then flys away I think.

    It may have been an ABC after school cartoon? This has been bugging me for soooo long! Please tell me someone else recalls a similar cartoon!

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      I vaguely recall a curse being put on him maybe?

      I just remember the bat creature the boy turned into was super scary to me as a kid.
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        Wild guess,
        an episode of CBS Storybreak

        The Monsters's Ring

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          Wow. I think that may be it! What I had remembered being a red & white letter jacket was actually a red shirt with a white jacket, but everything else looks like what I was remembering. Thanks so much!

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