Thread: Blood Diner (1987)

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    • 5 years 6 months ago
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    Who remembers this gross but amusing horror comedy cult fave? i did when i was 14 when i rented this on video and it grossed me out but amused me.

    It's very similar to HG Lewis films, Re-Animator and the Tales from The Crypt story "What's Cooking" about 2 cannibalistic chef brothers who open up a diner in their city and bring back their dead uncle's brain with eyes as they are ordered to kill people at night to appease a demon goddess, use human parts to make a human jigsaw puzzle to bring back a goddess to life and use the human leftovers as meals for their costumers to eat.

    I just got this in the 6-horror movie pack from Lionsgate which contains Parents and more. A guilty pleasure.
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      I am surprised you feel guilty about liking anything.

      Sounds very vaguely familiar, I may have seen this on WPIX back in the day.
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        Since this movie is new to me I'll give it a look, and thank you for the heads up, lol!
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