Thread: Run into any of your childhood bullies lately?

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    Have anyone here moved out of town as a child then returned years later as an adult and run into your old childhood bully? Oh how the tables have turned, I think I have outgrown almost everyone who has ever picked on me as a child lol. But we're all grown up and mature now so there will be no retaliation, how convenient for them lol.
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      While it wasn't recent, several years ago at karaoke I saw one of the people who made fun of my Disney fandom when I was in elementary and middle school. We made peace with each other, mainly because he liked my singing. I saw him at another session and talked more. He denied ever making fun of me, but I can recall it. For more on what he said to me, look up my article "What Disney Means To Me".
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        I live on a different side of town now and most of the people I went to school with moved from that area as well. There were so many people over the years I had problems with I really don't know where to begin. Most of the issues resolved themselves and we moved on.

        I have ran into a few of people I had issues with over the years. A kid that beat me up on the bus in the 3rd grade owns an apartment locator service and he helped me find my first apartment about 10 years ago. I brought it up to him and he of course didn't even remember it. His mom worked in the office and she made a comment about how that might have been one of the times he got grounded.

        I have looked a few of them up on Facebook. A lot of them have kids and I wonder if their kids are as big of pricks as their parents were. lol Overall I have let most of that bullshit go and forgave them. Every once in awhile I'll think about a situation that happened and will still get pissed off about it. Then I snap out of it and realize it was 20 freaking years ago. I think its best not to even bring that stuff up if you happen to run into them. Also I think we have all been bullies too regardless if we realized it or not.
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          No, but sometimes I wonder what became of them after so long. Did they change their ways and become decent, civilized people or did they end up in jail?

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            I have come across a few. I wasn't bullied constantly growing up, but definitely had cases of it. I've seen a few of them before. One time I was in the gym and I saw one of the kids, a dumb jock from high school. Well, I was 60 pounds more muscle this time around and gave him a look that would have curdled milk. Of course, victims of bullying never have the satisfaction of avenging themselves because the acts are years old and more often that not the victim becomes a more responsible, mature person that learns to let it go.
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              A few years ago, when I was in college, I ran into one of them- he was working at the local video store. He kept watching me, and moving counters whenever I went to a different section, so unless he thought I was going to steal something, he probably had a huge crush on me. Thankfully I was with my boyfriend at the time.

              One of my other bullies who was really awful to me on the bus also turned out to be gay... To the surprise of no one, so I suspect he was trying to divert the attention he was getting starting in 7th grade.

              And one of the girls who used to bully just about everyone (short female aggression syndrome) ended up in prison for a while, so it just goes to show that bullies often have deeper problems.
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                Growing up, as a fat kid in the 80s and 90s when there weren't as many, was at times a real bitch LOL. I also wore glasses. YAY!!!!. However, I was not CONSTANTLY bullied and no where near the extent of how some kids get it these days, yikes. That being said, I have never forgotten a mean thing any of these kids did or said to me. I don't often think on it, and have for the most part moved past it..but then sometimes I wonder, have I really? Because I DON'T think about it often, until the topic of how to deal with potential bullies my SON might have in the future and possible ways to teach him to deal with it. (we're on the thought process that while we want him to be a super nice kid, we don't want him to get dicked around either and in reality, we want him to fight back. I don't want him walking away like I did or telling a teacher/mom like I did and getting it ten times worse for being a snitch) Or when I see a kid committed suicide because of bullying, I get SO SO angry and sad and sick to my stomach over it and it brings back those unpleasant feelings.

                I saw ONE of my bullies at the bowling alley once, years ago. Probably 2003. I was at my thinnest, had just lost 54lbs. I was also with my husband who was my boyfriend at the time. My ex bully kept staring at me, and I had briefly mentioned to my husband who the guy was (a guy that used to have a gang of hicks that would stand in the hallway with him and call me names whenever I walked by and had thrown little pebbles at me outside of school and snowballs at me during winter. This was highschool by the way. They were totally mature, don'tcha know. Anyway, my husband wanted to go over and say something but I said don't bother, it's enough for me that I look good and he's staring at me LOL

                My other two bullies were from Jr high. One was a total jerk to me in 7th grade( lifting me up in my desk to try and tell people what he thought I weighed and to see if he was strong enough to lift my elephantness if I remember correctly, telling people he wanted to stab my fat with his fork, etc) but by highschool he was a senior in MY junior english class because he had failed it. He was perfectly pleasant to me in that class and didn't seem to remember or want to aknowledge his prior hatrid of me. One girl that was friends with him tortured me verbally and threw pebbles and dirt at me at recess (you know, the teachers were gabbing to themselves and not paying attention) and followed me around chanting at me. She was a year ahead, like the other boy so I got a break from them both in 8th grade. She tortured me randomly throughought highschool. I have not seen her since, nor do I think she has a facebook, but i've heard from others back home that she lives off the state and has unruly children.

                I live far far far from home now (Home is Maine and we're currently stationed at Bangor base in Washington state) so the odds of running into them, even on a visit home is probably slim. If I ran into the female bully, I think my response would depend on her response to seeing me. I only occasionally think of her and how she treated me, but when I do I don't have much love for her lol so i'm not sure I could keep my mouth shut.
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                  surprisingly i haven't come across them. the ones that i encountered were only around when i was around 6-9 years old, and they had all moved away at a certain point in the year
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