Thread: what's your favorite retrro junk article ever?

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    • 5 years 9 months ago
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    I've recently been going back and reading the older articles in the archives and am curious to see what some of your guys' favorite articles ever written for retrojunk are, some of my favorites were the ultimate joker article, the day Vkimo went phsyco, do you remember the first time you smoked a joint and Gaijinninjas epic heavy metal article (try to ignore the formatting on the last one it used to look better it's still a great read though). I put the url's below if anyone wants to check them out.
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      • 5 years 9 months ago
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      Oh wow, the article numbers have changed, I remember Pyscho used to be 4166. Thanks, and yeah, there are some gems here. I think I lot may have been lost when the site changed. There's not really a back pages anymore. The formatting on a lot of them got all messed up too
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        My favorites are the Garage Sale Adventures series.
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          ¨the day i went psycho¨ and ¨food that my mouth misses¨
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