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    I am a bit curious about something. Back in the old days, cartoons had humor, adult jokes and other stuff that made them great. I am wondering: why does every cartoon with a TV-Y7 rating have to be educational in some way and not contain a level of violence and humor as it did in the old days? Did the writers strike of 2007 have something to do with it, or did today's standards and practices get involved? I am thinking it was the writers strike, since The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy was kind of inappropriate and it coincidentally ended after the writer's strike. But yeah, I still wonder: how did kid's cartoons, and basically any cartoon with a TV-G rating and under, go bad altogether?
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      Not quite sure what you mean. I don't consider 10 years ago to be "back in the day" for cartoons. Cartoons have had this problem ever since the FCC created rules about children's programming in the 1990s. The writer's strike didn't have as much of an impact on television as you'd think- there were many union loopholes that allowed them to continue writing, often for the same shows they'd been working for previously. In fact, a lot of great new shows happened as a result of the strike.

      "Billy & Mandy" had 7 or 8 full seasons and was rated Y-7, meaning it was for older children, so unless you are thinking of other cartoons in the same category, there is no comparison. And just because a TV show HAS that rating, doesn't mean it's going to make full use of the older rating, it just means the content is not geared towards toddlers.
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        what does it matter? the show ended long ago and as far as this ¨writer's strike¨ goes it started from those 1940s cartoons that dealt with physical humor. parents didn't want their kids doing the same harm to anything like in the cartoons. but then again there was a news story about a kid who died from getting sand up his nose and dying after pretending to do a jutsu move from that stupid naruto show
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          I really think the darwin awards website should not exclude kids. There are some things which are so stupid that not even youthful ignorance is an excuse.
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            Let me know when you have a topic about something retro-related, and then we'll talk.

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              I don't watch today's cartoons, so I can't draw a fair comparison. For all I know Total Drama Island blows Inspector Gadget out of the water.
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                Nothing blows Inspector Gadget out of the water, don't be ridiculous.
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                  For longer than I care to remember, programs for kids have been a battleground for numerous organizations both public and corporate. The group I always remember was Action for Children's Television, (ACT), that group demanded that children's shows no longer be just big commercials pushing toys/foods from sponsors.

                  But since then the greater pressure from parent/teacher organizations, among others, has to be the ever tightening standards for politically correct content in television and movies, etc.

                  The "nice police" are more powerful than ever. The result can be the total banning of shows that aired just a few decades ago, let alone the stuff I watched as a kid back in the 1960's.

                  I like cartoons that are fun, otherwise what's the point?
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