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    Hi. I did a search and didn't see anything relevant. Not sure if I did it right, as I couldn't figure out how to just search in the forums. Also, I am totally blind and I use a screen reader, so it may not have told me where the search forums link was.

    I found a very unusual teddy bear from the 80s that has me very curious. His tag says that his name is Baby Biggie Bear, but he is wearing a bib with BIGGSY in all caps written on it. His label says he was produced by Those Characters from Cleveland, but it also says Amtoy, and he was made in 1986.

    Here's where it gets a little tricky because I don't have vision, so I'm going on feel and what other people have described to me. He is a gray teddy bear with very soft fur, wearing baby clothes. He looks very similar to teddy Ruxpin, except he's made entirely of fur and he doesn't talk. His head has that oval shape and tuft of hair sticking up like TR, and his mouth is open like TR. His nose or top lip, I can't figure out which, is a big huge ball made out of the same texture as his paw pads. His paw pads are sort of like a velvety texture, but not quite. One of his hands is sort of bent, and the other is clenched almost into a fist. His hands and feet are quite heavy. I thought there was something electronic in his paws, but there is nothing. He's just a cuddly teddy bear. The most unusual thing about him is that on one cheek there is a button and on the other side there is a fuzzy ball. Someone said that side of his face looks like an abscessed tooth or something, lol. I think he's the most unusual bear I've ever seen.

    Have any of you guys heard of this bear before? Was he a character from a TV show or movie, or just a weird teddy? Also, was someone trying to copy Teddy Ruxpin? I know there were a lot of TR knockoffs, but I would have thought those would have been talkers. I'm really scratching my head over this one. Thanks in advance for your help.
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      I had a baby biggie bear as a child. I found this post while trying to find a bear to buy. Would you be willing to sell?
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        Quote by katiemakay
        I had a baby biggie bear as a child. I found this post while trying to find a bear to buy. Would you be willing to sell?

        Have you found one yet? I just found one amongst my stuff, trying to decide if I want to sell him.
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