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    ...this PSA from the 90s? I'm trying to find a video of it but I can't seem to track it down. Here's what I remember; There's a kid on a school bus and all of the other kids point and laugh at some lady living out of her car. Later on, the kid is playing basketball and finds another kid to play with. Turns out, the kid he meets lives in that car with his family, so the next time they drive by, the first kids hands his sandwich to the lady.

    That's all I remember. Does that ring a bell for anyone? If somebody could help me track down the video, that would be haw-some.
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      That sort of sounds like something the Mormons put out, but I'm not sure. That one doesn't ring a bell.
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        I forgot the name of it but I remember what psa you are talking about.
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          I thought that was a Fox Kids PSA. At least I only remember seeing it on Fox.
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