Thread: Rock'em Sock'em toy/game from 90s

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    I'm trying to find a sort of Rock 'em sock 'em toy/game somewhere from the mid-90s there where a bunch of different characters, and you coud connect these to eachother for a game of rock'em sock 'em. There was a ninja in red (with some black) and a random kung fu guy in orange trousers a black wife beater and a dragon tattoo. You always buy 2 in a box. I think there was a follow up with Street Fighter II characters.

    Anybody now the name of this toy and which manufacture?
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      a black wife beater.

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        I remember the ones you're talking about, but don't remember the name or manufacturer. I did manage to find this though:

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          karate fighters?

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            Karate Fighters that's it! Cheers!
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