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    Hey guys, I registered this account because I've always enjoyed this site and also because i have a question. Me, my girlfriend, and some of my friends were discussing how cool it would be to be able to locate a tape that had a 'TGIF' night recorded on it complete with all the commercials. Do any of you have any clue where i could find/buy something like that? Years ago i stumbled upon this site and was amazed that there were other people who would watch old tapes just for the commercials like me and my cousin used to do together, its how i know ya'll are my only hope. We want to wear 90's clothes like Body Glove and No Fear shirts and watch TGIF. I have an old TV, VCR, and my Sega genesis hooked up for the event. I've read the forum rules and I don't think I'm requesting anything that would violate Copy-write infringement since its legal to record television programs as long as you don't charge for viewing or use the viewing to gather customers to purchase anything like snacks. Thank You!
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      You might find more videos like this on the internet
      best place to find tapes like that is craigslist or garage sales or thrift stores and it's quite a hunt. occasionally ebay
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        There is a site called that had TGIF dvds at one time. I'm not sure if they are still there though. I bought a few items from sellers on the site, and the quality varies greatly. You can watch all kinds of 80s and 90s commercials on youtube with the channel 80scommercialvault. Good luck!
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