Thread: What's this movie? Only for the experts!

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    I've Googled hi and low for this. Good luck:

    I believe this aired on Nick in the 80's or early 90's. Possibly part of Special Delivery, but I'm not certain.

    This guy works for a video game company. Someone in research and development has created a new console system/game (think Pong). The main character guy brings it home to his family. His son starts to play the game and loves it. This thing is going to be a hit!

    The game is approved and goes into mass production. The dad starts to have second thoughts, as his son becomes more and more addicted to playing the game. I think his son also develops high levels of intelligence and maybe even some telekinetic powers (you get the idea).

    The dad starts to investigate the origins of the video game and discovers that the guy who invented it got the plans from a space probe that returned to earth! By this time, production has already started on the systems and they've begun to ship them out. The dad rushes home to his house just in time to discover a UFO has come to take him away since he is the first person to get to the highest level in the game!

    The film ends with a shot from outside of the kid's window, the dad feverishly playing the game so that the UFO will come and take him away too. THAT'S HOW THIS THING FRICKIN' ENDED!!! A superb example of a beautifully dark kid's movie that would never fly today.

    Anyone know the name of this gem? I'm dying to see it again!
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      I found it! It was called "Somewhere Else." Thanks to the IMDB forum for their help! You can read about it here.
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