Thread: Do you have any memories of your toddler/early childhood?

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    I was born in 1994, and I have many memories from 1997-2000, perhaps some from when I was 2 (1996). For example, I was always wanting to ride the school bus before I even went to kindergarten (that was somewhere in late 1997-early 1998 since I first rode it in 199. And to this day, I still have many bad memories of my junior kindergarten class ('98-'99) (she wasn't cut out for kindergarden but someone I know liked her as a Grade 3 teacher). I also got Yu-Gi-Oh cards before they were even released in North America (it started in Japan in 1996). Also, I believe there was New Years Eve 1999 too. There are many others, but I won't tell you due to personal reasons. I don't know why I have so many memories of early childhood/toddler years, but I have no plans to forget any of them.

    Do you have any memories from age 6 and under?
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      That "junior kindergarten class" part doesn't make any sense, I'm guessing you omitted the word "teacher"?

      I have quite a few memories of pre-age 6. The earliest memories I can be certain of timewise are from when I was 2 (although I have a few that -might- be from younger). I have a handful of memories of the house we lived in when I was 2, including the day we moved out. I can remember wanting to go to kindergarten when I was 3, and being disappointed that I had to wait a couple years, then being disappointed again "but I -will- be 5 by the end of the year!" ... "but you need to be 5 at the BEGINNING of the year" .. "oh, maaaann!". I can remember the interview thing to sign up for kindergarten (and how I learned the word "flabberghasted" by the end of said interview).
      I can remember the time I got pneumonia & had an alergic reaction to the shot, then had to spend the night in the hospital for observation (and how one bitch of a nurse stole my cocoa puffs, and how another, perveted nurse wanted to watch me piss (or perhaps hold it for me? * shrug*).
      I remember sitting just inside the screen door & watching thunderstorms. I remember when we'd go out in the woods & cut down trees for firewood, I remember hauling said firewood from the shed down to the basement & stacking it up near the furnace. I remember the kerosene heater we used to use (man, I love the smell of burning kerosene), I remember standing on the oven door to get dressed on cold winter mornings when the furnace had gone out the night before. I remember catching tadpoles, I remember climbing on old rusty farm equipment, I remember playing hide & seek with the neighbor kids (all of whom where several years older than me, but few of which could count to 10, so it was usually me who was "it", since I was the only one who could count high enough), I remember playing with cat-o-nine tails.
      I have a few scattered memories of riding across the country in a big rig a few times. I remember breaking the cookie jar lid, I remember a sleep-over & playing with legos, I remember going to hills department stores & getting loc bloc kits, popcorn, and flintstone eggs (see MY ARTICLE about it).
      I remember when we poured a new concrete step at the house. I remember when we went to watch peter pan and came back to find the guy that we had been living with had left, and taken most of the stuff. I remember bringing in the picnic table to eat on, and borrowing a hotplate and a toaster oven to cook with. I remember the time the guy used a hunting rifle to shoot a rat inside the wall of the house, and put a hole in the box of poptarts on the other side of said wall.

      Hell, I even remember a couple of perverted dreams I had when I was 5 or 6.

      I remember the next house we moved to (which was still when I was 6). I remember when we went to look at the place and the landlord or realtor or whatever was late, and I climbed into an open window and unlocked the door. I remember riding my bike up the road to the stream, I remember collecting copper beetles from a bush near the house, I remember walking to the nearby store & getting a bag of assorted candy and bird whistles (you filled them with water & when you blew, they warbled). I remember climbing the tree in the yard, I remember getting stung almost daily, and using a baking soda paste to get rid of the burning sensation. I remember doing jigsaw puzzles, glueing them to newspaper to hold them together so they could be hung on a wall, then taking the empty box to collect stones in.

      ...and that brings me to the age of 7.

      The fact that I still remember that far back is all the more impressive when you consider that I'm about 20 years older than you. (Which means 20 more years of intervening time, and 20 more years of declining mental faculties.) :p

      ...also, didn't we already have a topic like this a couple months ago, "what was your earliest memory" or something like that?
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        I have a very vivid memory of being a toddler and some memories as a baby. With my earliest memories I was still in diapers. Most of them were pointless ones.

        One I remember is we were coming back from some place and my diaper was dirty. I remember seeing the mess under it. I was potty trained very young so I had to be less than 2 years of age.

        I remember coming back from some place at night and having the hiccups. They were bad and were making my stomach hurt as well as causing stomach acid to come up and burn the back of my throat. I remember passing by and looking at the red lights going bright to dim on a group of radio towers as this was happening.

        I also remember throwing up on my parents bed in the middle of the night.

        Another memory was me crying being carried out of the house by my dad. I was upset because they put socks and shoes on me (I hated shoes as a kid). They were the stiff white baby shoes that were still popular back then.

        My mom brought me with her over to a neighbors house we later had a lot of problems with. I remember her coming out of the back room and giving me this evil look that scared me.

        I remember a bad storm that came through in the early morning. It knocked the power out and caused a tree branch to fall on out house. I remember getting scared when my brother blew a candle out causing the room to go black till my mom lit it again. I was able to find a news article on the storm and it happened in May 1978 meaning I was just turning 2 years of age.

        All of these memories were under the age of 3. I have many more, but you get the idea.
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          I have few memories of my my toddler/early childhood years. It's difficult to remember them.

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            Yes, I meant teacher.
            And this topic is different: It's about early childhood.
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              Drahken and bassman21 it's always good to hear from people who have memories of early childhood; many people I've spoken to are surprised at all that I remember and say they remember nothing until they were at least 4 to 6.

              My potentially earliest memory is a very vague, simplistic cartoon of a picture in my head about something that happened when I could have been hardly more than one and a half years old. My mother and I are on the balcony of a house where my family lived for a few months after we imigrated to Canada in 1981 and we are watching a man called Jack mow the lawn. I know this man existed (I even recall chirping to my parents later "When will Uncle Jack come?"; once, when I was about 3, we even ran into him at Jane-Finch Mall). However, I now strongly suspect that this is not a direct memory, but a slightly later dream or mental image based either on my memory or on my parents telling me about Jack mowing the lawn. I am not sure if I could have understood the concept of someone cutting the grass at one and a half.

              My first real memories are definitely things that happened when I would have been two to three years old. I can most reliably date memories of my toilet training. A fairly clear memory is of lying on my parents' bed in the morning. There was an orange blanket instead of a window curtain, and I was telling my mother that my diaper was not comfortable. My mother says this happened when I was two and a half and that she told me I could stop using diapers if I learned to use the toilet. I also remember my potty, other toilet training equipement, and my mother reading me a book about going to the toilet. Other memories that have stayed with me from about this time or even somewhat earlier include a vague recollection of my high chair and of my bib - which had Bugs Bunny on it, or of some rather banal moments when I was sitting with my parents at home. I remember a visit from a man from Serbia that my parents knew. My parents later told me his name was Mikan (pronounced MICK-un); at the time, I thought his name was Uncle Weekend (in Serbian, you say vikend, pronounced VICK-end).

              From three years old, I definitely have long-term memory and remember a lot.
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