Thread: 80's-90's: music videos with hot girls

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    Here's something I like to try to remember, music videos with hot girls. Why? Well, yesterday while I was at hard rock hotel & Casino, I saw this sweet rock music video, from the 80's I believe, it starts out in some convenience store or supermarket, some angry fat lady starts screaming around the aisle, the in pov of the cashier sees some guy with two hot busty babes in ripped t shirts and thongs, and then some native tribal dude comes in asking to buy the stuff. I can't remember the title of that music video, but if anyone know the title of it and anymore videos like it, I would really appreciate it.
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      Sounds like an old van halen video, from the david lee roth era.
      A rather similar concept video is jane's addiction's caught stealin
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        The video you're thinking of is "Yankee Rose" by David Lee Roth: (Invalid youtube)
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