Thread: Can anyone help me remember a movie?

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    Dear all, I've just got here and am glad to see all the wonderful things on this site.

    I'm due for 2 final papers and yet I've spent the last 4 hours here reading and downloading almost everything from this site!

    Anywho, I'm recently looking for an 80's(or early-mid 90's) kid's flick. It was about this boy who had the ability to see the dead. He came across 5 or 6 ghosts who befriended with him.
    They left him for a while for him to grow up. While he thought everything goes on well and the whole ghost thing was just a childhood fantasy, those ghosts came back to his life and surprised him.

    The theme song of this film is Four Seasons' "Walk Like a Man".


    Does it ring any bell to anyone?

    Your help would be so grately appreciated!
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      the movie you're looking for is called Heart and Souls with Robert Downey Jr.
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        it's from the 90's it was pretty cute, alfre woodard was good
        miaow >^..^<

        Oh dear I've re-dorkulated!
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