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    • 5 years 8 months ago
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    Anyone thinks this is an interesting concept between rival companies?

    I always thought so since i was 9 after christmas when i had some money from relatives to see what to buy at one of my city's local book stores and spotted graphic novels as i never had a GN or tradepaperback before as i wanted my first one. I spotted something that caught my eye called "DC/Marvel Crossover classics" as i was like "WOW, a collection of DC and Marvel crossover comics? no way! totally far out man" as i knew i had to have it as i bought it and read it at home loved it. It was exciting to see Superman and Spider-Man fighting each other then becoming friends in both "Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man/Superman". Amused by "Batman vs. Incredible Hulk" which i thought was a dumb idea at first when i read in the index what it has but it turned out to be good and finally thrilled of seeing "Teen Titans/X-Men" together.

    I collected the other ones since Punisher/Batman which i found crossovers amusing including Marvel vs. DC which was like a dream come true to the bizarre Amalgram to their masterpiece JLA/Avengers.

    What is everyone's fave Marvel/DC crossovers?
    My top 10:
    Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man.
    Captain America/Batman.
    Superman vs. Hulk.
    Darkseid vs. Galactus.
    Some parts of Marvel vs. DC.
    X-Men/Teen Titans.
    Batman vs. Hulk.
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      Wasn't there an Image/DC crossover? I think it was Spawn and Batman.
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        Superman vs he-man. While not a marvel vs DC in the traditional sense, he-man did spend most of the 80s being published by marvel (under their "star" imprint).
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          I liked the one where Superman knocks The Hulk out cold.
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