Thread: The Sega Nomad Is the Most Underrated Handheld of All Time

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    • 5 years 9 months ago
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    Did anyone ever have one of these? The ability to play Genesis games on the go is still an awesome thing to do. It wasn't able to play the 32X and without a reset button, there was no way you could go to the final level on X-Men (unless you use the level select cheat). Still this thing is incredible. It's a shame it came out at such an odd time for Sega. In 1995, the Genesis was close to the end of it's life, with Sega prepping the Saturn to go head to head with the Playstation and the N64. Not to mention the thing needed 6 batteries for around two hours of gameplay. I still have mine though and I love it even more than my 3DS.
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      it's funny how there's non-legit sega genesis handhelds being on retro gamestore shelves, yet they can't even handle playing the games perfectly. i'd get a nomad if they weren't so rare. and expensive
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