Thread: Virtual Garage Sale!

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    Hopefully I am not violating any rules by doing this, but I have some things you nerds might really be interested in if you enjoy collecting retro junk. I don't know why I am so determined to avoid putting these things on ebay like any normal human. It's not like the money I would be forced to give to pay pal is not going to a good cause like sending civilians into space. Alas, I would probably end up using pay pal regardless.

    I am a college student who is trying to raise funds for my travels this summer. Turns out I have geek cred coming out of my ears what with over 10 years of attending conventions and collecting junk. Worry not, even with the stuff I have decided to put up for sale, I still have plenty to spare. Without further ado, here is the link to my tumblr: which I have begun to fill with crappy cell phone photos of stuff I am trying to unload. There is more where this came from, but I have decided not to photograph any more junk until I have sold some of this. If you are looking for something specific that is along the lines of what you see here, feel free to ask and I will see if I have it. All prices will be discussed and decided upon between myself and curious individuals. Please contact the email address listed there if you would like to participate in my virtual garage sale!
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      How much are you asking for each video game cartridge?
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        I want She-Ra dolls.
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          Quote by Nickelodeoninthe90s
          I want She-Ra dolls.

          And a Rocko plush.
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            I actually have a Rocko plush. I got it in 1997.
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