Thread: Trying before buying.

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    • 6 years 19 days ago
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    Have you ever went to a store like Wal-Mart or Target and played some of the video games on the consoles, which were already hooked up? And did you ever buy those games right after playing them?

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      • 6 years 18 days ago
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      I played King Kong for Xbox 360 at Target when the system was brand new and when I got my own 360 system about a year later, King Kong was one of the three games I decided to get with it.
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        • 6 years 15 days ago
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        This is what game rentals are good for.
        Also it's what those pay by the hour hotel room game systems are good for .

        I do the former whenever I can and I have fond memories of the latter!
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          • 6 years 15 days ago
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          I would do it, but I'm not really the target audience for those demo kiosks. I never buy new releases, I wait for the price to go down.

          But overall I would for sure buy more games if I could try them out first. I read tons of reviews before buying anything, and have still gotten burned on a few games that everybody, except me, seems to agree is fun. If I could try a game first, I would have much less of a need to be so cautious. But the stores around me only have one game (if any!) set up for each console so there's not many I can try. Part of why I wait for the price.
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            • 6 years 9 hours ago
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            I never considered buying any of the games that I played at Wal-Mart, considering 99.9% of the time they weren't for my system.
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              • 5 years 11 months ago
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              I've played the demo games sometimes, though usually for the purpose of either trying out the system or just passing some time. They never have any remotely decent games hooked up in the demos, it's always just another lameass racing game or something.
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