Thread: Best settings for Wii on LG 3D HDTV?

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    • 6 years 19 days ago
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    I have a 47" LG 3D HDTV and recently bought the proper component cables online for only $3 (would have cost somewhere around $25 in stores). I am currently trying to set the appropriate configuration for my Wii so that it runs flawlessly. So far, I've changed my Wii settings to output 480p (ETV/Enhanced = HD, 480p) and widescreen. It seems to be a pretty good improvement on the picture quality. However, there seems to be somewhat of a lag with the Wiimote, though it's kind of hard to tell. What would be the best settings to use to make it run even better? I would appreciate any helpful feedback.
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      • 6 years 14 days ago
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      Make sure you don't have the TV on some kind of zoom setting.

      Readjust the sensor bar sensitivity.

      Check if the TV has a "game mode" option, which can turn off a filter that's supposed to make things look better at the expense of a little processing time. This is a really stupid "feature" imo, but apparently is a thing that exists. Similarly, look in the menu for something like "digital natural motion" and turn it off!
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