Thread: Help with a weird commercial

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    Hey, I've been looking for a commercial that used to be on Nickelodeon from time to time around 1998- 2000. It had some kid talking about his "neighbors" and the kid looked out his window and saw into his neighbor's window across the street and the top of some brain looking thing was in the window and appears to be moving slightly.

    I remember they did another commercial and it showed brain looking people with feet. I know this information is vague but I was wondering if anyone knows what commercials I'm talking about?
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      was it the coneheads. i seem to remember this commericial in some form or fashion
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        I don't think it was the Coneheads, had more of a weird vibe to it, not comical and when they showed the things they looked inhuman completely, that was in the second commercial though and I think they barely showed it, the first I remember played quite a bit though.
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