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    I'm looking for an old computer game.
    I thing it was a little bit like bomberman or pack man, I can't remamber clearly, but there were police cars tracking you and and if i remember right you get rit of them by doing something with stones?!

    It was a really great game and i played it just a few times on my friend's pc about 9 Jears ago...

    if anybody hast an Idea, please tell me...
    it was just 2D!

    (It was NOT like Grand Theft Auto)

    best regards
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      If The computer was an Amiga I would say "Master Of The Town" where you had to smash things progressing thru the levels if you took too long you got caught by the police. hope this is right.
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        thanks for your ansewer but i was an other game...

        You were playing someone (maybe a theft) and you had to do something (I don't remember) and then there were sometime the policecars who wanted to catch you, and if I remember right you you were able to kill them if they drove under a stone (the stone fell down of the car).

        It the gameplay was more like the picture i added!

        My brother said the game was on a floppy disc.
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          dig dug?
          "Good Nyborg "
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            Do you remember what operating system it was on?

            Like Windows 95?
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              No it wasn't "dig dug" but were getting closer to the point...

              I don't know the operating system, in these days i even didn't know what a operating system is...
              I would guess Win 95 or Win ME.

              The only thing I really remember is that there police cars tracking you if something special happens, i only remember the police cars...^^
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                "Lock 'n' Chase", perhaps?

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                  No neither, the gameplay and graphicks are different and there are no police cars... (;

                  It semms like I never find this game again
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                    Thief (1981) ?

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                      No that's not the game
                      Thanks anyway!

                      Ok the the gameplay and graphics were NOT like Pacman!!!
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                        Hey I think I have played this game too!
                        It was just like what you described, you are a thief and trying to dig holes and find the gold. The cops are chasing after you, after a while the police cars will come after you too!
                        The only way to kill them is run under a stone so it will drop and kill the cops.
                        I remember I played it a lot when I was a kid, it was on windows 98, but sadly I don't remember the name either...
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                          Thanks to your tip with windows 98 I was able to find it: Dynamite Joe
                          Thank you so much
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