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    So my mom use 2run a movie store when I was growing up. You know those things that rented only VHS? The place was called "The Night Owl" it was a HUGE VHS/convenience store with hundreds of movies and games.

    She use to bring home copies of movies that weren't even in theaters yet which was a big deal because there was no downloading movies like today. Also she use to bring home little trinkets, toys, shirts or memorabilia that would come in with the movie. I use to get all sorts of stuff that I was too young and stupid to save....some of those things were Large cardboard movie displays that came to promote for the store. These weren't just flat cardboard pictures like they have 2day, these were detailed! Tall & all different shapes had little buildings and characters made of cardboard on them. I remember I had one from A Bugs Life or Antz(can't remember which one) but it had ant hills and little bugs and tree's and everything. Would love to find it some where

    Anyway the point of this is, I don't have them anymore and I WANT THEM!!!! SOMEBODY had to have access to these back in the day and there has to be some laying around SOME WHERE in the entire world. I can't find them any where! I figured there would be a place to buy them online like Theaters or movies stores would get them or just anybody or bootlegged but I can't find any of them. Only home made one's sold on ebay or newer crappy one's.

    Does anybody have these or know of a site or anything where I can find these? OTHER THAN SITES LIKE EBAY OR 2nd HAND SELLER SITES!!!

    It would be amazing to get ahold of some of these things today ....thank you
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