Thread: Best and worst video game rental experiences.

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    • 5 years 11 months ago
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    Back in the time of 3-day video game rentals, choosing a game was crucial to your weekend. Back then with the exception of maybe a game magazine or word of mouth sometimes all you could base a rental off of was the box art.

    So share now your best and worst video game rental experiences.

    Best- Renting Star Fox. For months I read about this game in Nintendo Power. Got a copy on a friday afternoon. The cosmic soundtrack and "amazing" graphics really drew me in. I even built a little space ship cockpit fort around the tv I was so into the game.

    Worst- Renting James Pond. This was the game that changed everything. Up until this point I rented just about anything new on the shelf, that is until I rented this stinker. I had no F'in clue what to do in the game or where to go. It sat there collecting dust the whole weekend and 4 dollar I will never see again. After that I was more careful about what I rented.
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      Hm, for me the best video game rental would have to be when I rented "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for the first time during the fall of '99. I was immediately drawn in by the awesome gameplay, fun characters, and the truly unforgettable soundtrack! Since it was only a 3-day rental, I had to hurry if I wanted to beat the game. Sadly, due to complications, I didn't get the opportunity to do so and (eventually) had to return it to the video store. Many months later, I re-rented it and FINALLY completed it in its entirety! I found nearly everything about the game to be perfect, except for that stupid Water Temple (which was a major pain in the ass).

      The worst video game rental for me would have to be when I rented "Paperboy 2" for the SNES during the spring of '94 (terrible gameplay, dull/boring music, and painfully tedious levels). Without a doubt, one of the crappiest games I've ever played! Then again, I should be thankful that I never rented anything like "Superman 64".
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        my best experience in a 3 day rental was when blockbuster video was in the 1995-1996 era.

        my best rental had to be "astal" on the sega saturn. i immediately fell in love with this title, despite it being short, leading me to beg my parents to buy it for me.

        my worst rental had to be virtual bart on the snes. there were about 6 minigames that you could play, but were a serious nightmare to go through, with a tomato throwing game as an exception, since it was the only fun minigame on the cart
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          Best - Renting Majora's Mask. This was the game that got me into the Zelda series.

          Worst - Renting one game for the SNES that I wanted and ending up with a completely different game that was behind the case (probably put there by some forgetful kid).
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            • 5 years 10 months ago
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            Worst rental - Superman 64 from Hollywood Video Spring 2000.
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              Best... I don't know... The only one that stands out at all was final fantasy: mystic quest. It was the only game that I beat during the rental period (and I think one of the first games that I ever beat, period).

              Worst "experience" would have to be when I rented some game & didn't realize till I got home that the bastards had given me some damned hockey game by mistake. Complete & utter waste of money.
              Worst "game" would probably be the original legend of zelda on NES. I hated that thing (although I later wound up loving a very similar game on the TG-16).
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                • 5 years 1 month ago
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                Best was probably "Super Mario Bros." which I rented many time. Worst probably "Ghost n Goblins", self-explanatory
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                  when i got a saga megadrive one of the games that i rented was toy story but one of the wost things about renting video games is that you don't get a chance to finish the game before it had to be returned
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                    Worst - renting out WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role for nostalgia purposes (I rented it out a decade earlier and wanted to play it again) and the game not getting past the load screen due to old age.
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                      • 5 years 1 month ago
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                      Best I remember is kind of a tossup. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu and Tiny Toon Adventures were both fun games and I think they still hold up today.

                      Worst for me was 8 Eyes. I just could not figure out how to do anything in that game. But I think my friend whose house I was staying at enjoyed it.
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                        Best: Renting Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System back in

                        Worst: Renting Impossible Mission on the Sega Master System back in 92. I was a kid so never really understood the game for one, 2, I mustve lost the instruction booklet before even getting it home cos when i returned it they fined me $15
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                          • 5 years 30 days ago
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                          Best - Turok and Super Mario 64 on the N64. Those were the first games that I played on the N64 when my Mom's friend rented a N64 for us to play.

                          Worst - Either Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 or Superman 64. Centipede on the PS1 would rank pretty high as well.
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                            • 5 years 29 days ago
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                            I never rented anything post-NES so bear with me.

                            Best: Battletoads. Took me forever to find it to own though.

                            Worst: Legendary Wings...oh, the horror.....


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                              • 5 years 18 days ago
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                              Best - Nickelodeon's GUTS (snes) : This wasn't really a good game, but my brother and I had so much fun playing it. Rented it at least 4 times.

                              Worst - I tend to forget the bad games, but The Crow: City of Angels (ps1), may have been the first time I recognized how bad a game could be.
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