Thread: Ever use TV settings to your advantage when playing Video Games?

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    • 6 years 7 days ago
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    I don't recall. Although I have turned the lights off so I could focus on completing a nighttime mission on one of the Grand Theft Auto games.

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      • 6 years 7 days ago
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      Never had a sitch where adjusting TV settings -could- affect gameplay. Few (if any) 8 & 16 bit games had such dark levels, and I just don't play newer games.

      The closest thing I've done to that was with my NES lightgun. With a CRT TV (not sure about flatscreens), you can stick the tip of the gun into the corner of the screen & hit any target that way.
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        • 6 years 7 days ago
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        To a disadvantage: I saw a guy talking on some other board about how the pointer in Zelda:TP was all messed up. Turned out he had the aspect ratio on his TV in "cinema zoom". Somebody suggested he change it but he wouldn't because he liked the way it looked.
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          • 6 years 7 days ago
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          Pumped up the gamma to see in the dark in SWAT 4 lol
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            • 6 years 8 days ago
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            Have you ever manipulated your TV's settings to beat games? In Metroid Prime there was a near pitch black level you had to blindly navigate. I remember adjusting my TV's contrast so high everything showed.

            Anyone else ever do anything similar? Something tells me I'm the only one...
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              • 5 years 8 months ago
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              I always use the ZOOM option on my Samsung CRT TV because the SNES games don't fill the screen without it.Also there is a filter option which smoothens the sprites and it looks great.
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                • 5 years 8 months ago
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                I always use the "soft" picture setting on my Philips flatscreen TV whenever I play Sega Genesis because if I don't, there is always a horrible headache-inducing array of sharp vertical scrolling lines I have to deal with.
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