Thread: OX_Bigly (Some drawn some MS paint'd) includes GPKs

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    Well First I have
    If I have to tell you what this is.... all I can say is; GO RENT THE MOVIE.
    If it helps print this out and take it to the video store.

    This is my first real attempt at a real Garbage Pail Kid (the first I did was in school and was just a trash can with a head sticking out the side, not good)
    Please excuse the bad hand writing and bad spelling (They have yet to make paper with built in spell-check)
    I actually sent this to John Pound to ask what he thought, he said it was funny.

    This next one I thought up while I was at work (oddly enough in the bathroom)
    Also note the Heresy's kiss, I put it in because of an internet joke (that I have yet to see) where a fat guy is rolling over making "kisses"

    I might put more up later...
    Also these two pics I have for my signature where a "simple"(It took a loooong time) cut and paste from the Street Fighter Movie game(?) and Mortal Kombat II.
    I am real surprised that no one has done it before
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