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    At least one of my articles was something that I had published on another website years before. I don't think that should be a big deal.

    It *is* a problem when people steal other people's articles and post them as their own, though. Or just copy Wikipedia verbatim.

    But, your own stuff should be fine.
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      I don't see why there would be a problem. It's your intellectual property, you can do whatever you want with it. Even if it's sloppy seconds!
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        I've seen in mentioned on the forums a few times that articles for RJ have to be original, not something that you published on your own site first, although I can't find anything in the FAQ about it. I'd like some clarification on this.
        1) Is it actually a rule, or just something that members get fussy about?
        2) What if you rework the article. For example, if the one on the other site was a shorter one & you expanded it for RJ?
        3) What about posting the same article on some other site -after- you posted it on RJ?

        All of this is about articles that you yourself wrote, it goes without saying that copying somebody else's article (regardless whether it's being copied from or for RJ) is unacceptable.
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