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    Quote by RetroErica69
    I think they were both good in their own ways...the new oompa loompa scares me....

    LOL....yeah, I didn't like the new oompa loompa. It was cool though.....I recognized him recently. I just so happened to be watching 'The Never Ending Story', and saw him. His name is 'Deep Roy' and he's the guy with the racing snail.
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      Quote by john
      Quote by sewage
      I liked the new one better. I dunno, it wasn't as creepy. Plus I don't remember the old one quite as well. And it was JOHNNY DEPP. You can't go wrong with Depp

      I have to admit Deep Is the man in all his films but in this one sorry Gene all the way. The original is the best. Better songs, good cast and better Ompa lompas at least there were different ones. In the new one what is it attack of the clones?

      LOL you're right; I got annoyed seeing the same face over and over, but I tended to ignore it. That's probably why I enjoyed the new one a bit more. I should watch the old one again to get a better comparison.... huuuumm..... I only thought the song they did for the TV was cool.
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        They're almost like completely different movies. Although i do prefer the ompa lumpas in the old one.
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