Thread: What movies did you see in theaters as a kid in the 80s?

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    Pinface for fuck sakes..
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      The first movie i've ever saw was The Black Cauldron when i was 3 as i saw it 2 times and had a few merchandise.

      The Black Cauldron.
      E.T. re-issue.
      Ghostbusters re-issue.
      Gremlins re-issue.
      Godzilla 1985.
      101 Dalmations 1985 re-issue.
      Young Sherlock Holmes.
      The Adventures of Mark Twain.
      Invaders from Mars.
      Poltergeist II.
      Crocodile Dundee.
      Gobots The Movie.
      Care Bears 2.
      Back to School.
      The Karate Kid II.
      Iron Eagle.
      Short Circuit.
      Top Gun. (First movie me and my family saw in theaters when we moved to St. Louis when i turned 4)
      Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
      The Great Mouse Detective. (4 times)
      Maximum Overdrive.
      Raw Deal.
      Big Trouble in Little China.
      Sleeping Beauty. (2 times)
      Aliens. (2 times with my family)
      Howard The Duck. (2 times)
      Transformers The Movie. (2 times with my bigger brother)
      Flight of the Navigator.
      Friday The 13th part 6.
      The Fly.
      Making Contact (aka Joey). (Remember this movie with the creepy ventriloquist dummy? terrified me when i was 4)
      Jake Speed.
      The Golden Child.
      Deadtime Stories.
      Lady and The Tramp re-issue. (2 times).
      American Tail. (3 times).
      Star Trek IV.
      Little Shop of Horrors. (3 times).
      The Stepfather.
      Critical Condition.
      Police Academy 4.
      The Kindred.
      Raising Arizona.
      A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. (2 times with my dad and bigger brother)
      Lethal Weapon.
      The Aristocats re-issue. (3 times)
      Ernest Goes to Camp. (2 times)
      Creepshow 2.
      The Gate.
      Beverly Hills Cop 2. (Me and my bigger brother with dad and mom saw this 2 times)
      The Chipmunk Adventure.
      Harry and The Henderson. (Saw this 2 times)
      Spaceballs. (Saw this 2 times and i turned 5)
      Predator. (Saw this 2 times especially with my dad)
      Benji The Hunted.
      The Witches of Eastwick.
      The Untouchables.
      The Living Daylights.
      Adventures in Babysitting.
      Jaws The Revenge.
      Snow White re-issue. (2 times)
      The Lost Boys. (2 times)
      Robocop. (2 times with my dad and my brother)
      Care Bears in Wonderland.
      The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
      Masters of the Universe.
      Born in East L.A.
      Superman IV.
      House II The Second Story.
      The Monster Squad. (2 times)
      The Curse.
      Teen Wolf Too.
      The Princess Bride.
      The Hidden.
      Near Dark.
      Prince of Darkness.
      The Running Man. (twice)
      Throw Mamma from The Train.
      Planes, Trains and Automobiles. (My family and i saw it twice and became a fave of ours)
      Flowers in the Attic.
      Cinderella re-issue. (2 times)
      Good Morning Vietnam.
      Pinocchio and The Emperor of the Night. (My mom took me to see it at one of St. Louis's mall theaters after christmas day at night and it scared the bejesus out of me)
      Batteries Not Included. (2 times)
      3 Men and a Baby.
      Return of the Living Dead 2.
      Serpent and The Rainbow.
      Action Jackson
      The Fox and The Hound re-issue. (3 times)
      Police Academy 5.
      Pound Puppies and The Legend of Big-Paw.
      Red Heat.
      Lady in White.
      Bad Dreams.
      Iron Eagle 2.
      18 Again.
      The Accused.
      Beetlejuice. (4 times)
      The Wrong Guys.
      Critters 2. (Last movie me and my brother and dad saw before moving to Omaha in May and saw it twice)
      Crocodile Dundee 2. (First movie we saw in Omaha about 2 times)
      Rambo III. (twice)
      Dead Heat.
      Willow. (3 times)
      Friday The 13th part 7. (2 times with my brother as we are horror fans)
      Killer Klowns from Outer Space. (2 times)
      Big. (2 times)
      The Presidio.
      Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (5 times and one of the best cinematic experiences i've seen after i turned 6)
      The Great Outdoors. (2 times)
      Coming to America. (2 times)
      I'm Gonna Get you Sucka.
      My Stepmother is an Alien.
      Die Hard. (Me and my family saw it 3 times in theaters)
      Short Circuit 2. (2 times)
      Bambi re-issue. (3 times)
      Big Top Pee-Wee. (2 times)
      Funny Farm.
      Bull Durham.
      Phantasm 2.
      The Dead Pool.
      Monkey Shines.
      The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.
      A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. (2 times)
      Mac and Me.
      Young Guns.
      The Blob. (Saw this 2 times with my dad and my bigger brother)
      Hot to Trot.
      License to Drive.
      Daffy Duck's Quackbusters.
      The Bear.
      Night of the Demons.
      Alien Nation.
      Halloween 4. (2 times as me and my bigger brother loved it)
      Child's Play.
      Vice Versa.
      They Live. (twice, me and my dad had a blast with this movie)
      High Spirits.
      The Land Before Time. (4 times).
      Scrooged. (Twice and me and my family loved it)
      Ernest Saves Christmas. (2 times)
      Oliver and Company. (3 times)
      Cocoon The Return.
      The Naked Gun. (Twice)
      Hellbound Hellraiser 2.
      Deep Star Six.
      The Fly II.
      Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. (2 times)
      Who's Harry Crumb.
      The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
      The Burbs.
      Field of Dreams.
      Pet Sematary. (2 times)
      The Rescuers re-issue. (3 times)
      Lean on Me.
      Major League.
      Fright Night 2. (2 times and was the last movie we saw in Omaha before moving back to Albuquerque in May)
      Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. (First movie we all saw when we moved to Albuquerque and saw it 4 times)
      Ghostbusters 2. (Opened on my 7th birthday and saw it three times)
      Honey I Shrunk the Kids. (2 times)
      Batman. (5 times)
      Lethal Weapon 2 (2 times).
      License to Kill.
      UHF. (2 times)
      Peter Pan re-issue. (About 3 times)
      Star Trek V The Final Frontier.
      Friday The 13th part 8. (2 times)
      A Nightmare on Elm Street 5. (2 times)
      Road House.
      Little Monsters.
      Babar The Movie.
      The Abyss.
      The Adventures of Milo and Otis.
      Look Who's Talking.
      No Holds Barred.
      The Karate Kid III.
      Uncle Buck.
      The Horror Show (aka House 3).
      Halloween 5.
      Weekend at Bernies.
      Christmas Vacation. (3 times and my family with i loved it)
      All Dogs Go to Heaven. (2 times)
      The Little Mermaid (2 times)
      Fletch Lives.
      Harlem Nights.
      Back to the Future 2. (4 times)
      Tango and Cash.
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        Just to let you know. close to 500 hours spent in a theater in the span of a decade isn't cool. It's sad. very very very sad.

        One thing I find strange is he claims that The Black Cauldron was the first movie he saw in theaters which was released on July 24 1985. However He also claims to have seen Godzilla 1985 in theaters but that was released on Dec 15 1984. More than 7 months BEFORE Black Cauldron.
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          I was born mid-80's so I didn't really have a chance to see too many.

          Oliver & Company
          The Rescuers
          Honey I Shrunk the Kids
          Peter Pan
          The Little Mermaid
          All Dogs Go to Heaven
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            a bunch, but man, the very first two I saw because of friend's bdays was TMNT I and Batman Forever. Will always remember my first movie theater experience
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              The First Movie I saw was Lady and the Tramp. 1986
              then, it was mostly Disney Re-releases Aristocrats, I think Robin Hood, uh... I saw Land Before time and the Last of that year was either Oliver and Company or Bambi.. Saddened by Bambi's Mom's death? Naw Heartless but was confused to why she didn't come back. Me and My ma talked about it during the film but stopped after Thumper got horney over a girl bunny... I'm sorry for the rule 34 implication (was not intened) lots of laughs
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                Only The Land Before Time but I don't remember it very well. Probably because I was only three at the time.
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                  I saw... NONE! I was born in '89. Saw plenty of movies in the last two decades though. Probably not enough to make a BS pinface list, but close.
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