Thread: Parker Lewis Can't Loose vs Saved By the Bell

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    Some people actaully liked Parker Lewis Can't Loose more than Saved By the Bell. I Liked them both but tend to lean towards saved by the bell, what say you?
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      Fans of Parker Lewis (sorry to bump an old thread for yet another self promotional post), the guest on my TV Guidance Counselor podcast this week is Melanie Chartoff who played Miss Musso. Really great conversation, and maybe my favorite episode yet.
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        Quote by Dyzfunk7ional
        Define Parker Lewis Can't Loose..

        I feel old.
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          I guess Saved By The Bell. Never saw Parker Lewis Can't
          Lose, but I only saw the other show around 11-12 years
          ago. It's cheesy as hell but it was alright for what it
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            Two completely different concepts for television shows. Zack Morris was a conman who ran the school and only answered to Mr. Belding. Parker was trying to achieve coolness with each passing episode. Park was bullied by Kubiak and frienemies with Principal Musso. Zack was the most popular guy at Bayside. Parker only had two friends until Kubiak became an acquaintance of his. Saved by the Bell wins easily because you can still find it on Television today. Parker Lewis Can't Lose was too much of a FOX show to be shown on any other channel but USA or FX. PLCL only ran in syndication once from '93 to '95.
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              Quote by bassman21
              Quote by darthmunk
              I never even heard of Parker Lewis sooo...

              You were too young to remember it. It ran from 1990 to 1993 and they were not shown in reruns like Saved by the Bell.

              For me I would have to say Saved by the Bell. I guess I just watched more of it and remember it more.

              I was born in 84 but I don't remember it either, def gonna youtube it though, might bring something back
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                "I'M SO EXCITED.... I'M SO EXCITED!"

                lol Jessie Spano tweeking out
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                  Parker Lewis was a good show on Fox but I would have to go with Saved by the Bell. I remember the last show of Parker Lewis it was called " Parker Lewis Can't Win".
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                    This is a hard one. Parker and his buddies dressed the way most guys did in the early 1990s. Mark Paul Gosselaar played such a great slimely but good looking conman. I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one… NOT! Parker Lewis Can't Lose was such a FOX Network show that it didn't stay around for long in syndication on USA. I can Zack every morning on TBS and MTV2… Most people are more familiar with Zack Morris than they are Parker. When I think of Parker Lewis, Big Brother Jake and Major Dad come to mind. I'm gonna go with Parker Lewis Can't Lose because Screech got to be too dumb after season 1. Both were great shows for that time (early 90s).
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                      Parker Lewis wasn't bad, I just prefer SBTB!

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