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    I recently picked up 'The Dracula X Chronicles' from my local GameStop for only $14.99! Despite that the game was used, the original box and instruction manual were included (meaning that it was in near mint condition). Other retailers sold DXC at a much higher price, or were completely out of stock. I'm so thankful to finally have a copy of this rare gem in my possession! Also, I must say that the remake of 'Rondo of Blood' is very well done, though a tad more difficult than the PC Engine original (which can easily be unlocked, along with 'Symphony of the Night').

    Truth be told, I was first introduced to ROB through the Win32 version that someone converted from PCE original. As a result, I was instantly HOOKED!! In fact, I've already completed the game in its entirety (100%) for seven times already, counting the remake. Honestly, ROB is now on my top 3 greatest Castlevania games of all time, next to: SC4 and SOTN! Many have complained that the game is too challenging and/or frustrating. To some degree, this is true, but if you're an oldschool gamer (like myself) it shouldn't take you long to adapt to the gameplay and controls. The only drawback is that the audio from some of the anime cutscenes from the PCE version are a bit out of sync on the PSP (if anybody knows a way around this with the current 6.60 update, please let me know).

    Anyway, if you are a Castlevania fan and you haven't played this one yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!
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      glad to know you like dracula x chronicles. i preordered it and got that little collectible simon figurine. the audio does tend to desync due to disc loading, so it's common for the game, and you'll have to get used to it. when you unlock symphony of the night you'll be able to get the two familiars that were in the sega sega saturn japan version. just ignore playing as maria, because they changed her moveset and now she's completely weak
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        I played it when I had a Psp freaking awesome music, top notch like most castlevania games. But ooohhh yes it is tough. I went in knowing it was going to be like that though, but if you can get pass that its actually really fun. Very remincient of the glory days of Nintendo kinda fun.

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